Custer Battlefield Historical & Museum Association


CBHMA President’s Message Summer 2017

Ted Heath, President


Photo by Sue Heath    


Disruptions Aside, Get-Together

Was Again Fun and Educational


This year’s anniversary get-together came together — despite what some might call a “speed bump in the road.” To make long story short, things had to change at the last minute when it was rumored Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke would be on hand for the battle anniversary. He didn’t show, but our venue was disrupted.

Fortunately things worked out just fine for a diverse audience who came from as far away as Hawaii and Alaska to our west and Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia to the east.

Those in attendance were treated to the usual mix of education and festivities. We were fortunate on the educational side to have Paul Hedren, author of Powder River Disastrous Opening of the Great Sioux War, guide our field trip to the Powder River. It was a bonus to have someone of this caliber sharing his wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Also from the educational perspective, attendance continued to grow for the Author’s Forum. This year Bob Snelson spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of being self-published. We’ve already lined up Sandy Bernard to speak at next year’s forum. We’ll keep you informed as things firm up.

Festivities and Fun

From the festivities side, attendees were treated to the usual – hamburger and pizza parties – as well as the unusual, a showing of the Walt Disney move Tonka. In both instances, I have to thank Kerri and Greg of Three Brothers and Centre Cinema for their help relocating our membership meeting and auction, among other disrupted activities.

And while I’m thanking people, I have to mention the stellar job Mike Koury did helping to raise funds for the organization. His auctioneering is always a highlight and he didn’t disappoint this year. The funds raised allowed the board to donate $500 to the battlefield. The money, we’re told, will be used to restore rare books.

As expected, our board of directors came through, scurrying to smooth things disrupted by Zinke’s rumored visit.

In all, the get-together did what it always does: inform, entertain and give new and old members the chance to renew friendships and create new ones.

It was fun this year; make plans for next year.

On a sadder note, D.K. Clark resigned from the board due to health issues. His term, which expires next year, will be filled by Ron Nichols. Get well D.K. and thanks, Ron, for picking up the torch.

   Garry Owen,